Roberts Journal

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The Maiden’s Virtue

4th Day of Dravago, 11 AS (After the Sundering)
Kara-tur Voyage Day 1

So the crowd at the Flogging Flounder was was the same as usual(being drunk), with a couple of notable exceptions. A unique specimen of womanhood I have never encountered was looking for employment, I was at first worried about a woman on board my ship but figured we could always use more willing sword arms so I hired her. Another female approached me seeking employment, this being after she tried to convince the one I call “Sparkles” not to join, I admit I was worried this would cause issues but I was assured that it wouldn’t so I took a chance.

Our ship was hired to take a holy man to the restricted space near the ruins of Kara-tur, this has a chance to be an incredibly lucrative journey above and beyond the riches we’ll receive as payment.

In the morning Mr. Cumberbun and I will be interrogating one of the brigands that had the gall to attack us at port. His answers better be illuminating or he’ll have a long trip home. On a more positive note, both of my new crew members proved their worth through quick reaction and ability to follow orders, Sparkles and Demon are going to do just fine on this boat, and the priest will be a welcome addition as well, as long as we can keep him on-board.

Dovak Roberts
Captain, The Maiden’s Virtue

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Roberts Journal

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