The Human Nation

This is the largest land mass out of the six broken parts of the world. Primarily home to the Human race, it also holds the largest population of Half-Elfs and Halflings. The seat of religion is also hosted here with some type of presence from each god in the world. The land mass is dotted with a few major cities but mostly small villages or towns sprinkle the area.

Tarkin’s Point

Home to the largest sea and air port in the world but not the largest city. It is also home to the grandest trade station in Pelosia. Almost anything can be bought or sold here and host a multitude of taverns and brothels in the docks. All deities have a presence in the city with Bahamut being the largest and most widely revered.

Flogging Flounder Inn

The most common tavern located in the ports hosting all types of people from every walk in life. Erruki Tolka, a half elf runs the tavern and is a redheaded fiery pistol. Just about anything goes in her establishment but if trouble arrises and draws any negative attention, she doesn’t hesitate to notify the authorities.

Groomhold University

Everyone in Tarkin’s Port knows this university as it’s the only accredited school in the region. Their current focus is recovering any documentation or relics from before the sundering. A lot of information was lost and they are just trying to piece it back together. Other fields of study are available but history is a core piece of each division.

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