Broken Hope

Hope for Hope
Session 1

When all hope is lost and it appears that all the lights have been extinguished, There is always one that continues to shine. It feels as though the winds of change have begun to move even though no events have taken place. In the grand scheme of things, the hands of powerful people are at work in the world and it started here.

A new company was formed today that shows great potential in giving hope in a world that has lost it. Captain Roberts sailed into the port at Tarkin’s Point looking to cash in on his last job and picked up three new crew members: Ajel, a dwarven priest of the dead god Palor. Prustina, a tiefling warlock tailing the last member of the crew. Gwind, an exotic genasi swordmage on the run from something or someone. Little does Captain Roberts know that his new crew members will be the start of the greatest adventure this world has seen…

Adventure Log!
Adventure Log

Here is where the official adventure log will be kept. It will be written from a third person point of view by one of the players or the DM. (Depends on who has the free time during the week.)


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