Tall and unnaturally handsome Roberts is quick to smile on land and is charming as an ocean sunset, but as the shore sinks from view upon the waves his countenance darkens and Captain Roberts scourge of the seas appears, eyes white as the moon, long hair flowing in the breeze, no mercy in his soul.


Life on the streets is hard for anyone, but even more so for a young teenaged changeling in a world that hates him for something he could do nothing about. The War of Purity took his world from him, parents, home, first love, but he survived. Living carefully amongst the godless savages known as humans Dovak O’ber’tun joined with a crew out of Tarkin’s Point slowly working his way up the ranks of the Maiden’s Virtue. One day while on a tropical beach the Captain took Dovak, now called Roberts ashore, only Roberts returned bearing the mark of the Captain he ascended to the Captaincy himself, anyone that questioned his orders was thrown overboard and told they were welcome to swim home, if the fall to the water didn’t kill them. With a battl4e hardened crew and airship Roberts now forges his own destiny, and the gods be damned if anyone will take it from him again.


Broken Hope VampHunter001